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Our greatest Investments.

Human Resources- SEW-Eurodrive Canada 

 We’re hiring! 

You’re our drive. 

Considering a career in a well-established company with offices and plants across the Globe?  We would like to welcome you to SEW-Eurodrive Canada!  


Investing in People

We’re building our team and we are looking for you. 

If you’re interested, and seek more information about SEW-Eurodrive’s employment opportunities, please browse our current job listing by clicking on the link below. 

Working with SEW means:

Job Security in a thriving industry (established in 1931)
Competitive Compensation Packages
Full Employee Benefits Plan
RPP Plan
Paid Training 

People Drive Us. 

People Drive Us. 

Really Cool Investments

Investing in the Future 

SEW-Eurodrive’s investment at the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation – Humber College 

Here is a quick virtual Tour of SEW-Eurodrive’s Innovation Lab (Lab ONE) This video showcases advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0) systems  that can be adapted to a variety of industries.  You will see that the Future of Assembly us AR to assist with complex tasks. 

Investing in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) 

Automated guided vehicles are designed to transport payload safely and efficiently. AGVs can be programmed based on your existing motion paths or adjusted to an entirely new route. 

Some of the key benefits of AGVs are its flexibility to scale your process as production ramps up and its ability to operate 24/7 using inductive contactless charging as its primary power source.

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