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Assembler Workstation. Dorval,  Quebec. 

 Investing in the Future Workforce. 

Careers in electromechanics/mechatronics are rapidly evolving due to the increased demand for advanced drive system solutions. This shift is known as Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 injects smart technology such as; Ai, IoT, and Co-bots (people working alongside robots) into traditional manufacturing processes and equipment. As a result, careers in assembly, service, and maintenance of the components that drive these systems are increasing exponentially. To meet the demand for the digital transition to advanced manufacturing, we continually invest in specialized training programs and fund R&D research in conjunction with our academic partners. 

What does an Assembler do?  

Assemblers’  primary responsibilities are constructing gear motors and drives based on customer-specific configurations. SEW-Eurodrive engineers its units based on the principle of modular design. Each unit can be assembled and customized for various industrial applications and according to a client’s unique needs.
This opportunity is best suited for individuals with an excellent mechanical aptitude, attention to detail, and the willingness to learn new and innovative techniques. Each new employee will receive on-the-job technical training and support during their onboarding period.

Overhead view of Assembler Workstation.

Investing in career Advancement

SEW-Eurodrive believes in continuous career advancement and encourages all its employees to pursue available job opportunities within and enroll in its skills training and development programs. As a result of SEW-Eurodrives’ commitment to employee excellence, some Assemblers have advanced to become Service Technicians, Service Managers, and Plant Supervisors!

What it means to work at SEW-Eurodrive. 

In addition to joining a company that promotes employee excellence, consider that SEW-Eurodrive has offices and plants across the globe and is continuing its growth by developing new Industry 4.0 technologies that are in use at some of the world’s largest companies!  

Job Security in a thriving industry (established in 1931)

Competitive Compensation Packages

Full Employee Benefits Plan

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Paid Training  and Career Advancement Opportunites

People Drive Us. 

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Really Cool Investments

Investing in the Future 

SEW-Eurodrive’s investment at the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation – Humber College 

Here is a quick virtual Tour of SEW-Eurodrive’s Innovation Lab (Lab ONE) This video showcases advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0) systems  that can be adapted to a variety of industries.  You will see that the Future of Assembly us AR to assist with complex tasks. 

Investing in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) 

Automated guided vehicles are designed to transport payload safely and efficiently. AGVs can be programmed based on your existing motion paths or adjusted to an entirely new route. 

Some of the key benefits of AGVs are its flexibility to scale your process as production ramps up and its ability to operate 24/7 using inductive contactless charging as its primary power source.

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