Don`t get left behind! Today, efficiency and harnessing technology are giving manufacturers the edge they need to stay competitive and deliver a superior product. Maintaining a smooth production process with advanced monitoring systems allows producers to eliminate reactive maintenance and focus on both prevention and prediction of its drive systems. Life Cycle Services is your modern-day all-in-one drive system solution specifically designed to optimize performance, improve reliability, and ensure your plant is equipped with the bandwidth needed to take advantage of advanced manufacturing processes.

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Orientation Lifecycle Services SEW-Eurodrive


Good partners show you what is possible. This enables you to embark on the correct path.

We are at your side from start to finish. Together we will find the correct path and provide you with information that will help you make your decisions easier. And all of this before you even invest in new machinery, systems, components and services.

Personal Consulting on

Current & future trends – for your forward planning. We have our finger on the pulse and shine a light on current and future developments in drive and automation technology.

Rules & regulations – to ensure you keep an overview of standards and legal requirements, e.g. in terms of safety technology, explosion protection and energy efficiency.

Application & industry expertise – because we are happy to share our experiences from a whole range of industry sectors and applications from all over the world

Information sharing at innovation level – our sales and product engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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Planning and Engineering Lifecycle Services SEW-Eurodrive

Planning and engineering

Good partners show you what is possible. To ensure your ideas are turned into tailor-made solutions.

Together, we will turn your ideas, requirements and concepts into tailor-made drive and automation solutions. We achieve this through the personal support – local to you nationwide. Or you can use our support Planning and Engineering Tools from the comfort of your own workplace. 

Optimum services in this phase 

Concept development – to determine your needs. Tailor-made concepts for your drive, automation and safety technology, for example using performance specifications for programming applications or defining specific installation and drive safety concepts.

Project planning & design –  selecting and configuring your drive components. Project planning for complex drive systems with particular attention to safety and energy requirements, plus all technical information and CAD data at the press of a button. 

Engineering – for modernization measures, planning new systems and implementing MAXOLUTION® system solutions. Good partners support you all the way from control cabinet planning, creating wiring diagrams and mechanical modifications during modernization all the way to project-specific software adjustments, system simulations and complete project management. 

Maintenance & operating concepts – for early development of customer-specific maintenance and operating concepts in the operation phase. This lays the groundwork for reduced and optimized storage, operation and maintenance costs and maximum system availability. 

Training—ensures you make practical progress. We make our drive technology expertise available through
SEW-EURODRIVE’s training seminars. Our seminars are specifically designed to get you up to speed with the latest in all things SEW-Eurodrive.

CDM® databank—CDM® databank enables us to diagnose the current status of your drive technology and make an appropriate fault evaluation. This helps optimize maintenance or replacement of components to avoid downtime.

Procurement and Delivery Lifecycle Services SEW-Eurodrive

Procurement & delivery

Good partners move everything for you. To ensure your processes run smoothly and your logistics outlay is reduced.

As a good partner, we offer you extra in the procurement process, too – extra process efficiency, extra advice and extra expertise. You can benefit from our know-how, and thus boost the speed and quality of inquiry and order processing and ensure smooth logistic processes. 

Optimum Services in this Phase

Delivery service-everything you wish for. We can provide standard or express shipping, direct courier

Electronic dispatch notification – a notification of dispatch that issues an immediate message as soon as your delivery leaves our premises. This keeps you in the picture and enables you to take the necessary steps. As a result, you benefit from optimized resource planning, precise control of production planning and speedy goods receipt processes. 

Barcode-Labels (DriveTag) – DriveTags are functional barcode labels that are attached to products or packages. You define the data they contain, which might include the SEW serial number and your material or project number to ensure efficient product identification and assignment of products at every process step – from receipt of goods, through storage and on to the downstream stages. 

Electronic billing – for rapid availability of your invoices by e-mail with additional XML invoice file. 

 This optimizes your processing of incoming invoices and administrative processes, and is also more environmentally friendly.  

Installation and Start Up

Installation & Startup

To enable you to get up and running on time, cost-effectively and successfully.


Good partners support you at the start. To enable you to get up and running on time, cost-effectively and successfully. 

We help you secure your system functionality through certified installation of the drive technology, optimized processes through tailor-made programming, lower startup costs and prevent consequential damage. Our service experts and easy-to-use tools save you time, money and nerves.

Optimum services in this phase:

Installation consulting—for the correct mechanical electrical installation of your drive technology. With our project experience, you can shorten installation times and safeguard your system functionality. We are happy to provide support at every step, from inspecting the mechanical and electrical installation to complete project planning in relation to the drive technology.


Application programming—for the optimum use of your drive technology. Tailor-made drive component software for your application enables you to make the most of all the advantages and functions.


Startup—for maximum reliability and efficiency. We start up all your drive technology and assist in setting up all the necessary parameters to optimum values.

Operation Lifecycle Services SEW-Eurodrive


Good partners play their part every day. To ensure your system operates reliably and efficiently-long term.

We take a close look and know how to cut costs and boost availability and productivity—fast, sustainably, and reliably. We know that the operation phase has a major impact on the life cycle costs of your machinery and systems.

Optimum services in this phase (Including our Large Industrial gear products).

Production support—from our experts in your production start-up phase to enable you to identify problems early. Where necessary, we will train your staff or provide process optimization support. We will supervise the drive technology during the startup phase, train your staff if necessary, and help you optimize your process sequences.

Remote service—remote access enables us to diagnose the current status of your drive technology and make an appropriate fault evaluation. All you need is an on-site computer with an internet connection. 

Repairs—should it be necessary, even on products from other manufacturers. Emergency repairs, functional repairs and repairs all the way to as-new repair work with a 12-month, with an option of a 24-month liability on the complete drive. And if things have to be done in a hurry, ask about our rush order repairs and our on-site service.

Inspection & maintenance—to increase your operational reliability and system availability, ie. using endoscopy for gear unit diagnostics or using oil check for analyzing gearmotor oil. Simply ask about the SEW Quick check.

Spare parts service—in most cases we dispatch on the same day. We ensure immediate availability and provision of original SEW-EURODRIVE spare parts. 

Pick-Up and Delivery Service—ensures the fast pick-up and delivery of your drive technology. Our service experts will also provide support with the disassembly and reassembly of the drive components. We can also take over the entire transport logistics—ask us about the Red Pick-Up Box!

Express assembly—when you urgently need replacement or new gearmotors and electronic products. We are generally able to assemble and deliver on the same day the order is placed, thereby ensuring greater process reliability and shorter downtime.

Condition monitoring—based on systematic determination of the condition of the drive and automation technology. This minimizes your production downtime ie. with brakes diagnosis or vibration sensor. You receive entire concepts, from initial consulting and designing of the optimal analysis method all the way through to installation and diagnostics.

24hr Service Hotline—staffed by trained technicians. To arrange rush orders for repairs, or handle express assembly and replacement part dispatch.

Energy management—to help you optimize the energy efficiency of your machinery and systems. Reduce your energy costs and benefit from an energy report that proves the success of your energy management system.


Modernization icon RED


Good partners take the next step along with you. To ensure you are using state-of-the-art technology and make the best possible use of it.

With our decades of experience and expertise, we support you with your system modernization, taking account of both framework conditions such as legal and standards specifications, and requirements relating to productivity, performance and systems / parts availability. This ensures that your system modernization brings nothing but significant economic advantages.

Optimum services in this phase 

Retrofit—updates your system with state-of-the-art technology. Boost your productivity and energy efficiency, cut your maintenance costs, benefit from long-term parts availability. Everything from a single source to our
large industrial gears—our retrofit service offers personal consulting and engineering state-of-the-art drive technology, programming and visualization, along with complete installation and startup.



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